4 Reasons You Should Go Diving at Tankah Bay, Tulum

Ever wanted to go diving in Tulum?

Today we want to write about Tankah Bay, where we are based, and why you should come here to dive!

Tankah is located just 15 minutes away from the Town of Tulum on the Caribbean coastline of the Riviera Maya.

Tulum is known for its beaches and well-preserved ruins of an ancient Mayan port city, but less well known is the peaceful Tankah Bay (here’s directions from Tulum to Tankah Bay!)

Hidden away from the fuss of the town by lush mangrove jungle, with smooth seas due to the shape of the reef break, Tankah beach is a beautiful place to relax and explore the tropical underwater life.

Here are 4 reasons why you should make this bay your priority.

1. The Mesoamerican Reef

The largest barrier reef in the western hemisphere,and second largest on the planet, this reef stretches nearly 700 miles and here in Tulum we’re lucky to have it as our neighbour.

With dive sites located all along the reef, you’ll be spoiled for choice for scuba or snorkel experiences.

many fish in a reef

2. Cenotes

These spectacular freshwater filled limestone sink holes offer excellent water clarity, beautiful light effects, geological formations, and diving in one is a truly unique experience not to be missed.

These are often slightly trickier dives as you’ll be diving into caverns with overhead environments, however only an Open Water Diving Certification is required, which can also be completed on these shores.

Tankah Bay is the home of the Manati Cenote (sometimes called Casa Cenote or Tankah Cenote), and brings more life than any other. These cenotes demonstrate a special ecosystem, as they are where underground rivers meet the Caribbean Sea; divers, snorkelers and swimmers all share these exclusive waters, enjoying the unification of fresh and saltwater fauna and flora.

scuba diver swimming in a cenote

This brings me to the next point…

3. Unspoiled ecosystems

Tankah Bay is an ecological paradise for snorkellers and divers.

The dive sites in this area are far removed from high tourist locations, and so enjoy healthy, unspoiled and thriving ecosystems teeming with aquatic life to be experienced in all their glory.

The offshore reef is filled with vibrant marine life including large schools of fish, colourful corals, and even reef turtles.

Tankah bay is fortunate to have access to both the reef, and of course the cenotes, where the world’s largest network of underground rivers creates a unique ecosphere.

fish swimming around a coral pillar

4. Relax

Although in recent times there has been a rise in tourism to the area of Tulum, Tankah Bay maintains a tranquillity and serenity that other parts of Tulum might lack.

Enjoy the soothing sounds of the waves and peaceful ambience as you really settle into your holiday. White sandy beaches, Caribbean sunrises, excellent snorkeling, combined with great hotels and restaurants makes for the perfect vacation.

Tankah Bay is the gem that has it all, from kayaking, snorkeling and diving, to great food and an unpeturbed peaceful experience, it’s the place to visit.

If you like what you read, feel free to contact us and we’d love to have a chat with you about your Riviera Maya experience.

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